Eurocontrol Reveals the Air Ground Communications Safety Toolkit 'ALL CLEAR?'

(Brussels, Belgium, October 15, 2007) -- EUROCONTROL has launched a new toolkit which aims to reduce the number of runway incursions and level busts by improving air-ground communications. Problems with air-ground communications are the most common cause of runway incursions and level busts as well as other potentially hazardous situations. The ALLCLEAR? Toolkit uses an innovative and customer friendly software interface that facilitates and encourages people to pass along the key messages. The toolkit includes online training material, videos and checklists to improve communication between controllers and pilots and to help them avoid common errors such as call sign confusion, loss of communication, blocked transmission, or read-back / hear-back omissions. "Clear and unambiguous communications are central to the efficient and safe management of air traffic," said Bengt Collin, the ALL CLEAR? Project Manager. "Air Ground Communication breakdown is very often a contributory factor to accidents or near-misses. Therefore we have developed this innovative toolkit to highlight the pragmatic and simple solutions to the problem."

Source: Eurocontrol
Date: Oct 16, 2007