New Micro NAV ATC simulator accepted by Skyguide

Bournemouth, Dorseth, UK - 1 September 2004 A new Micro Nav simulation system has been successfully site accepted by skyguide, the joint civil and military national ATC authority of Switzerland. The simulator is a new configuration of BEST product which allows inter-operability with the Thales Air Traffic Management system, EUROCAT. Under Thales prime contractorship, Micro Nav have developed interfaces so that BEST stimulates the EUROCAT system with radar data, flight information, AFTN and OLDI messages that match the operational standards and formats. A new type of "adjacent sector" workstation has also been developed to support OLDI transactions and associated controller training. The combination of BEST and EUROCAT gives the highest fidelity for on-console training with full control over the ATM environment, traffic loads and the weather. It can be used for testing, design and evaluation tasks as well as training. Thales has signed a Teaming Agreement with Micro Nav Ltd UK for the use of their BEST (Beginning to End for Simulation and Training) Air Traffic Management simulators. The agreement covers the use of BEST with Thales Air Traffic Management system EUROCAT product for projects where a simulator is required to work with operational systems. BEST is being deployed by Thales in some of its European programmes. Micro Nav have a 16 year track record of supplying and supporting radar and tower simulators for civil and military authorities world wide.

Source: MicroNav
Date: Sep 1, 2004

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