Boeing and Insitu Announce 700 US Navy Shipboard Recoveries and 50,000 Flight Hours With Scaneagle(r) UAS

(Bingen, WA, September 17, 2007) -- The Boeing Company and Insitu, Inc. announced today that the ScanEagle(r) unmanned aircraft (UA) has made over 700 successful ship-board recoveries on US Navy vessels. ScanEagle has also logged over 50,000 flight hours since being deployed in 2004, including over 11,000 hours with the US Navy. "These two milestones are important for ScanEagle," commented Steve Nordlund, Insitu Vice President of Business Development and Program Management. "700 shipboard recoveries and over 50,000 flight hours demonstrate that ScanEagle is an operationally mature platform. We look forward to continually supporting our warfighters with this system," Nordlund concluded. ScanEagle is designed to achieve safe and autonomous launches and recoveries over land and aboard ships - using no runways and no nets. The unique and highly reliable recovery system allows operators to quickly turnaround ScanEagle for its next mission in a matter of minutes. "The versatility of the ScanEagle system is what makes it so successful when deployed with the USN. We can operate from many different ships, in extreme weather and anywhere in the world the USN needs to go without the risk of trying to use a net to recover a flying unmanned vehicle. Having been a ScanEagle lead on land based and maritime deployments, I can say the ScanEagle UAS has proven to be uniquely suited to the USN missions," said John Nicholson, Boeing ScanEagle lead aboard the USS Oak Hill and Saipan.

Source: Insitu Inc.
Date: Sep 18, 2007

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