Lufthansa Systems Launches Web-Based Aircraft Performance Monitoring Solution

Lido electronic Aircraft Performance Monitoring optimizes airline operations (Hong Kong, September 4, 2007) -- Just in time for Asian Aerospace 2007, Lufthansa Systems is launching its latest product innovation, Lido electronic Aircraft Performance Monitoring (eAPM). Lido eAPM is a web-based tool for the determination of in-flight performance levels of an aircraft and especially its propulsion and flight control efficiency. The solution enables an airline to calculate the performance correction factor of an individual aircraft which, in turn, creates opportunities to save fuel and costs, plan maintenance, and deploy individual aircraft more efficiently. Being accessible via the Internet, the application offers customers a new level of flexibility to work with the data as compared to previous versions. "We are pleased to offer our customers an enhanced aircraft performance monitoring solution that not only increases safety by giving the cockpit crew a more exact picture of the relevant parameters, but also actively enables significant fuel burn reductions. It is a further step in our on-going effort to contribute to greener aviation", says Marc Szepan, Senior Vice President Airline Operations Solutions at Lufthansa Systems. The efficiency of a flight mostly depends on an exact fuel calculation. As a specific aircraft's actual fuel consumption may differ from the average data stated by its manufacturer, every plane has an individual performance correction factor which expresses the margin between the actual and the stated performance data. Based on this factor and relevant regulatory requirements, the crew determines the total amount of fuel for the flight. Authorities such as the FAA and JAA have issued specific guidelines for the amount of extra fuel to be carried. The new Lido eAPM service enables airlines to minimize fuel carried within the framework of FAA and JAA regulations. The authorities accept a continuous monitoring of each single aircraft in the fleet as a precondition to operate based on corrected aircraft-specific performance factors. The airline thus saves the extra fuel otherwise required to be carried. Airlines can choose either to process the collected data themselves or to have them analyzed as a full service package by Lufthansa Systems. The new web interface gives airlines easier real-time access to their data at any time. Customizable graphical management reports make Lido eAPM even more user-friendly for strategic planning purposes. Beyond fulfilling regulatory requirements and minimizing fuel burn, Lido eAPM gives airlines more flexibility in their operations. Airlines are now able to verify the contracted values after a major modification such as winglet installation or after engine upgrading. Engines showing atypical performance developments can be identified and scheduled for on-wing maintenance or shop visits in due time. Fleet management is more flexible in assigning aircraft to certain routes according to their special characteristics. For example, aircraft with relatively low fuel burn parameters can be assigned to routes requiring maximum range-payload performance.

Source: Lufthansa Systems AG
Date: Sep 4, 2007

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