Insitu Announces the Addition of Integrator to its Uas Family

(Washington D.C. August 7, 2007) -- Insitu, Inc. (Bingen, WA), a pioneer developer of long-range, autonomous unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and advanced tools for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), announced today that it has designed and is presently conducting development flight tests on a new UAS known as INTEGRATOR(tm). In response to warfighter requests Insitu created the Integrator system to modularly meet a broad range of mission needs and capabilities. Insitu is also recognized for the INSIGHT(tm) class of vehicles which includes the military ScanEagle(r), developed in partnership with Boeing, and the commercial Fugro GeoRanger(tm). Insitu's operational experience includes service contracts with the US Marine Corps, US Navy, Australian Defense Force, and multiple commercial markets. The Integrator unmanned aircraft (UA) is the next-generation addition to Insitu's operationally mature family of systems. Like the Insight-class of vehicles, the Integrator delivers a superior combination of imaging capability and long endurance (a total flight stamina of 24 hours), with special design consideration given to easier payload integration (a capacity of 25-50 lbs) for a wide variety of applications. As with Insitu's other platforms, Integrator's launch and recovery are performed safely and autonomously with no nets involved. These systems have been uniquely designed for shipboard compatibility and runway independent ground basing. Insight-class vehicles and Integrator are interoperable, using common ground system components that make them a natural team in any theater of operation while reducing the cost of multiple ground components. Integrator's payload options include both EO and IR cameras, laser range finder and IR marker with optional laser designator. These unique sensor options feature a technology that is stabilized in an EO/IR sensor ball, which operates daytime and nighttime sensors concurrently. Additional internal payload options for Integrator include a wide range of intelligence, communication, and expendable capabilities and options. Integrator can also utilize external payload options, including all existing ScanEagle payloads, EO and IR turrets and communications. The Integrator decouples the payload from the airframe to ease payload integration. The Integrator is completely modular and highly-transportable. The system's center section core is designed so all parts can adapt and be structurally sized for growth. Integrator also provides a replaceable, modular design that includes propulsion modules, nose and internal CG bays, wings and tails. When broken-down the system fits easily in the back of pick-up trucks or Humvees. According to Insitu Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Charlie Guthrie, "Insitu is continuing in its tradition of providing innovative system solutions for the ever-changing unmanned aircraft marketplace. Integrator will advance the future of unmanned aircraft systems and provide significantly increased capability for customers through a wide variety of applications."

Source: Insitu Inc.
Date: Aug 8, 2007

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