Rafael's WIZARD Demonstrated at Nato's Naval Forces Annual Trials in Norway

(Haifa, July , 2007) -- Rafael Armament Development Authority Ltd discloses that its WIZARD - Naval Corner Reflector Decoy recently participated in NATO's Naval Forces annual MCG/8 EW trials, which took place in Norway last month. The WIZARD is a new generation passive RF naval decoy used to distract or seduce radar guided anti-ship missiles with chaff discrimination capabilities. It is available in either single or twin corner deflector configurations. The decoys are launched from a ship, float in the air for a specified amount of time, while deflecting incoming missiles aimed at the vessel. The WIZARD is still effective even when it has come to a rest on the water's surface. This year the NATO MCG/8 EW trials were carried out in Norway and were run by the Dutch Naval Forces from the HNLMS De Ruyter frigate. Under the auspices of the British company Chemring Countermeasures, Rafael's WIZARD demonstrated its unique capabilities against land based RF performance measurement systems and airborne RF simulators. Both single and twin corner decoys were successfully launched from the frigate. This was the first time that a defense company was invited to participate in the trials. "Rafael develops EW decoys that are capable of providing excellent defense against the most advanced radar guided missiles," says VADM (ret) Yedidia Yaari CEO and President of RAFAEL. "The fact that we were invited to these trials proves that NATO recognizes the possible contribution that our mature and superior EW products can make to defense of its ships." The WIZARD is a mature product that has been tested by the Israeli Navy and is generating much interest among navies around the world.

Source: RAFAEL
Date: Jul 16, 2007

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