Asiana Airlines to Implement Jeppesen Digital Navigation Solutions

(Englewood, Colo., June 22, 2007) -- Jeppesen and Asiana Airlines have finalized an agreement for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) applications and data for three new Boeing 777 aircraft that will feature the Boeing Class 3 EFB. The first aircraft is scheduled for delivery in late-June. Jeppesen will also provide the airline with its e-Link system so that charts and data can be accessed electronically by ground-based personnel, such as dispatch and operations. "Asiana Airlines is pleased to introduce state-of-the-art Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) technology into its 777 fleet as a step toward a digital cockpit. EFB will replace most of the paper hardcopy manuals, which will reduce weight and lead to lower fuel consumption," said Ho-il Lee, senior vice president of OCC & Flight Operations, Asiana Airlines. "With Jeppesen's Data Distribution and Management system the entire documentation procedure is streamlined and allows us to manage the operation more efficiently. We expect this EFB system to bring us better safety and more efficient flight performance, and after it is successfully implemented in our new 777s, we will soon evaluate expanding the EFB program across our entire fleet." Jeppesen will help Asiana Airlines implement a successful EFB program that includes Jeppesen's industry-standard terminal charts for EFBs, airport moving map, onboard performance tool, a document viewer, and the Jeppesen Data Distribution and Management system that administers a critical piece of a customer's EFB program-software configuration management and the ability to consistently deliver flight critical data accurately, securely and on-time to the EFB. "We are very pleased to add Asiana Airlines to the growing list of innovative airlines implementing our digital navigation application suite. This technology is helping more and more airlines streamline operations, increase operational efficiency, and enhance the situational awareness of the flight crew," said Thomas Wede, senior vice president and general manager, Jeppesen Commercial and Military Aviation.

Source: Jeppesen
Date: Jun 25, 2007