Safety-Enhanced MD 902 Explorer Air Medical Helicopter Delivered to Missouri's Cox Air Care

(Mesa, Az., June 7, 2007) -- MD Helicopters, Inc. (MDHI) has delivered a safety-enhanced MD 902 ExplorerO helicopter to Cox Air Care, a major air medical service provider in the Ozarks Region of southeastern Missouri and northern Arkansas. The new helicopter is equipped with advanced safety equipment to ensure safe flight in inclement weather and in the mountainous terrain found in the area. Included in the equipment are Helicopter Terrain Avoidance and Warning (HTAWS) sensors, Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS), and an Enhanced Visual Flight Rules (EVFR) cockpit that is compatible with night vision goggles and devices (NVG/D). Additionally, the aircraft is equipped with an Outerlink tracking system that enables the aircraft dispatcher to follow the helicopter's location at all times. Cox Air Care, which has served the Ozarks region accident-free from bases in Springfield and Branson for more than 18 years, will use the Explorer to replace an existing air medical helicopter that is being retired. The company has flown more than 15,000 accident-free patient flights since it began operations in 1989. "The addition of the Explorer to the Cox Air Care fleet will cut our response times considerably," said Susan Crum, flight nurse and program director for Cox. "It also will increase our payload capacity significantly and increase our range out to nearly 200 miles." "The crews at Cox Air Care are some of the most dedicated professionals in the EMS industry," said MDHI Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Lynn Tilton. "The achievement of 15,000 accident-free patient transports is evidence of their commitment to a culture that values and demonstrates safety. "The addition of the MD Explorer will further enhance their safety focus with built-in design features that are aimed at reducing the workload of the crews, enabling Cox to be on the forefront of the industry trend toward safety enhancement," Tilton said. One of the helicopter's primary safety features is the NOTARO system for anti-torque and directional control. By eliminating the spinning tail rotor, the system eliminates up to 25 percent of the cause of all helicopter accidents. "The delivery of this and other recent aircraft continues to demonstrates that MD Helicopters has regained prominence as an American legacy in the light helicopter market," Tilton said. "It is particularly noteworthy that Cox has taken delivery of one of the safest and most advanced helicopters flying, which is the standard we have set for all our helicopters."

Source: MD Helicopters Inc.
Date: Jun 8, 2007

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