Jeppesen and Air Canada Finalize Agreement for Class 2 and 3 Electronic Flight Bag Applications and Data

Partnership Continues Toward Goal of Complete Digital Transformation (Englewood, Colo., May 10, 2007) -- Jeppesen and Air Canada will continue their innovative partnership as the airline begins implementation of the latest digital Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solutions. Air Canada recently took delivery of its first new Boeing 777 featuring the Boeing Class 3 EFB powered by Jeppesen applications and data. Plans call for Air Canada to over time equip its entire fleet with a combination of Class 3 and Class 2 EFBs. "EFB is a key component to Air Canada's strategy of placing cost-effective, industry-leading tools at our pilot's fingertips to enable them to maximize operating efficiencies. Jeppesen enables us to inject all of the technological advances of computer information delivery and management into the flight deck using an integrated solution," said Warren Lampitt, general manager, Technical Programs, Air Canada Flight Operations - Technical. In April 2005 Jeppesen announced Air Canada as a new chart customer, and this EFB agreement is an evolution of the paper chart services Jeppesen is currently providing. Jeppesen will help Air Canada implement a successful EFB program that includes Jeppesen's industry-standard terminal charts for EFBs, airport moving map, onboard performance tool, and the Jeppesen Data Distribution and Management system that administers a critical piece of a customer's EFB program-software configuration management and the ability to consistently deliver flight critical data accurately, securely and on-time to the EFB. "The Jeppesen/Air Canada partnership has been extremely successful for both organizations," said Thomas Wede, senior vice president and general manager, Jeppesen Commercial and Military Aviation. "Now we move into the next phase as Jeppesen helps our partner make the shift from paper services to a fully digital model for both ground and airborne use."

Source: Jeppesen
Date: May 11, 2007