NAMMO Successfully Launches Hybrid Test Rocket from Andoya

(May 8, 2007) -- Thursday May 3rd at 12:50:56 hr the Norwegian based company Nammo Raufoss successfully launched a 10 meter long hybrid test rocket from Andoya Rocket Range in Norway. The propulsion system of the hybrid rocket was based on solid fuel and liquid oxygen. The Hybrid Test Rocket (HTR) was developed, manufactured and assembled by Nammo Raufoss in Norway. The rocket motor, tank and valve system and the mobile Ground Support Equipment (GSE) have been designed by Nammo in cooperation with LOCKHEED MARTIN (LM) Michoud Operations, New Orleans, USA. Production, testing and launch were the sole responsibility of Nammo. ANDOYA ROCKET RANGE (ARR) was responsible for developing and building the HTR telemetry payload and for providing launch services. Before entering the launch campaign, the propulsion system was extensively tested on the ground at Nammo's test range at Raufoss, Norway. This launch was the first full scale launch of the HTR and the first rocket fired from ARR using liquid oxygen.

Source: Nammo AS
Date: May 8, 2007

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