Aydin Displays, Inc. Selected by Lockheed Martin

(ATLANTA, March 20, 2007) -- Video Display Corporation (NASDAQ:VIDE) announces that its Aydin Displays, Inc. subsidiary has been awarded a significant contract by Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) for the delivery of its Model 30281 large format Air Traffic Control (ATC) displays. The 28" high-resolution LCD displays will be used by Lockheed Martin, a leader in air traffic control systems, in air traffic control applications throughout the world. The 2k x 2k ATC display, an innovative new product line for VDC, was originally developed by EDL Displays, Inc. which was acquired by VDC and merged into Aydin Displays in June 2006. The new Model 30281 display is Aydin's 28" high-resolution LCD display for use in Air Traffic Control applications. The Model 30281 features a Sharp LCD panel utilizing the latest LCD technology with the highest contrast ratio and best color purity performance for this type display in the industry. With an awesome contrast ratio of 1000:1, this new 28" display can show richer information content than ever before. The new Aydin monitor Model 30281 can display data on a 2048 x 2048 pixels format with 16.77 Million colors making for extremely vivid images. The Aydin 28" monitor boasts of 170 degrees uniform viewing cone which renders a very versatile design and allows users glance view ability from different angles. The 503 mm x 503 mm active area and normally black TFT together with a pixel pitch of 0.246mm is ideally suited for indoor applications where large maps or topography needs to be displayed. Aydin is committed to providing the best solutions in displays for Air Traffic Control throughout the world. In addition to the 28" display, Aydin offers a full line of displays developed specifically for Air Traffic Control applications.

Source: Video Display Corporation
Date: Mar 21, 2007

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