ARINC Receives $1.8M in Orders to Support Air Force Transportable ATC Systems

Annapolis, Maryland, March 5, 2007) -- ARINC Engineering Services, LLC, has received a $485,000 task order to provide continued engineering, training, and maintenance support in Southwest Asia (SWA) for the Air Force's TRAPCON (Transportable Radar Approach Control) systems used for Air Traffic Control. The company also received a $1.3 million order to develop the large transportable Battle Control Center CENTAF (BC3), for delivery later this year. All of the work is funded by Central Command Air Force (CENTAF) under a Navy SPAWAR contract. The ARINC-supported TRAPCON system is an advanced, self-powered Air Traffic Control system housed in a modified commercial shipping container. It includes workstations, electronics, radar connectivity, and communications equipment to provide a rapid deployment of Air Traffic Control capability.

Source: ARINC Engineering Services
Date: Mar 6, 2007

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