TSA Initiates Pilot Testing of AS&E's Privacy Enhanced SmartCheck(TM) System at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona

(BILLERICA, Mass., February 23, 2007) -- American Science and Engineering, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASEI) (AS&E(R)), a leader in X-ray detection technology, announced today that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will begin pilot testing its privacy enhanced SmartCheck(TM) personnel screening system today at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona. SmartCheck provides optimum security by safely screening for a wide variety of threats concealed on a passenger, while ensuring their privacy. The SmartCheck system creates an image that looks like a chalk outline of the passenger with threats and contraband outlined, but does not reveal facial features. Additionally, the SmartCheck system installed in Phoenix cannot store, export, print, or transmit images. "We are pleased that TSA will begin operating AS&E's privacy enhanced SmartCheck system today in Phoenix, Arizona," said Robert Postle, AS&E's Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Sales. "SmartCheck provides TSA with the most comprehensive personnel screening technology available for detecting plastic and liquid explosives, weapons, and other contraband while ensuring privacy. TSA is implementing a screening protocol that delivers maximum threat detection while maintaining the privacy of the traveling public. The voluntary screening process is safe, non-intrusive, easy, and effective. We are very proud to assist TSA in their critical mission to safeguard air travel."

Source: American Science and Engineering, Inc.
Date: Feb 26, 2007

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