AS&E Receives U.S. DoD Contract for Z Portal Cargo and Vehicle Screening System

Multi-View, High-Throughput, Drive-Through Screening System Purchased for Strategic Facility Checkpoint (BILLERICA, Mass., Feb. 8, 2007) -- American Science and Engineering, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASEI) (AS&E(R)), a worldwide leader in X-ray detection technology, announced today the receipt of a contract from the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) for its second generation Z Portal(TM) system for drive-through cargo and vehicle screening. Configured with proprietary three-sided Z(R) Backscatter(TM) imaging, the Z Portal will be deployed at a security checkpoint to inspect for threats and contraband at a strategic DoD facility. "We are pleased to work with the DoD to provide them with their first Z Portal system," said Anthony Fabiano, President and CEO. "With broad applications for military facility and force protection, Z Portal offers the safest and most effective high-throughput drive-through screening system to detect threats and contraband in cargo and vehicles. The Z Portal can safely scan vehicles and cargo in real-time, resulting in rapid screening and threat analysis. The system's proprietary Z Backscatter technology produces photo-like images from three sides of the cargo -- left, right, and top-down -- to provide the DoD with maximum inspection capability to secure this vital checkpoint." Multi-View, High-throughput, Drive-through Detection Capability AS&E's Z Portal(TM) is a multi-view, drive-through inspection system capable of scanning cars, vans, trucks, and their cargo for concealed threats and contraband such as, explosives, drugs, stowaways, and alcohol. With its compact profile, the Z Portal system is ideal for high-traffic locations with space constraints and a high-throughput requirement. The Z Portal system is safe for drivers, operators, cargo, and the environment. The relocatable screening system is available in two sizes -- one for large trucks, buses, and cargo vehicles, and a smaller size for passenger vehicles. The Z Portal screening system ranges in price from $1.2 million to $1.8 million based upon the client's custom configuration requirements. AS&E's Patented Technology: Z Backscatter X-Rays The Z Portal employs AS&E's patented Z Backscatter technology, which produces photo-like images of the contents of a container or vehicle, highlighting organic materials. Based on the X-ray Compton Scattering effect, Z Backscatter technology works by detecting and highlighting "low Z" materials (items that contain low atomic number elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen). AS&E creates Z Backscatter images showing organic materials by directing a sweeping beam of X-rays at the object under examination, and then measuring and plotting the intensity of scattered X-rays as a function of the beam position. Z Backscatter technology -- only available from AS&E -- reveals the threats that competitive systems miss, including explosives, plastic weapons, and drugs.

Source: American Science and Engineering, Inc.
Date: Feb 9, 2007

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