New Data Resource Center in Annapolis Will Enhance DoD Sustainment Efforts

(Annapolis, Maryland, USA, January 30, 2007) -- Keeping today's aircraft and weapons systems ready for tomorrow's missions will require better ways to manage obsolescence, better tools to locate replacement parts, and technical innovations to combat the latest sustainment problem for the military-counterfeit electronic parts. In a step toward meeting these needs, ARINC Engineering Services, LLC will host a new National Data and Integration Test Center established by the Defense Sustainment Consortium (DSC). Located at ARINC's Annapolis headquarters, the Center will be an independent assessor of commercially available technology, databases, and other DoD sustainment products. ARINC will act as the Technical Director of the Center. "The new Center is designed to encourage collaboration among large DoD stakeholders, and will also help emerging technology companies tell their story to Tier One contractors, sustainment specialists, and the DoD," stated Walt Tomczykowski, ARINC Program Director for Life Cycle Management. "Agencies and contractors will be able to try out new sustainment tools, and this will directly benefit DoD weapons programs." The Center has also received a contract for its first task-finding new ways to combat counterfeit parts. Annapolis is the second technology center of the DSC, and will focus on activities to support aging aircraft. These will include obsolescence management, total life cycle management, and the role of IT-in addition to combating counterfeiting. The Joint Council on Aging Aircraft (JCAA), a DSC member, expects to see direct benefits from the National Data Integration and Test Center. "The Navy looks forward to working with the Center in our continuing efforts to address sustainment issues in Aging Aircraft," stated Robert Ernst, JCAA Chairman and Head of Aging Aircraft IPT for the Navy. "ARINC has been an integral part of Aging Aircraft studies for decades and has pioneered many efforts in obsolescence, reliability and structural health monitoring. Their work and that of the new Center will result in better support for our war fighters and encourage technology innovation in Maryland as well." Dale Karraker, DCS Executive Director, added "ARINC is recognized throughout the Sustainment Community as an objective leader with agility and imagination. We're counting on integrating those traits into key collaborations with our Government and Academic partners throughout the U.S. to further enhance our ability to deliver significant improvements to the DoD Logistics Supply Chain."

Source: ARINC Engineering Services, LLC
Date: Jan 31, 2007

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