DRS Awarded $13.2m Contract from Northrop Grumman

(PARSIPPANY, N.J., January 23) -- DRS Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: DRS) announced today that it received a $13.2 million award on a contract value of $61.2 million, including options, from Northrop Grumman (NYSE: NOC) to deliver a full shipset of low-voltage (450-volt) distribution and load center switchboards for the U.S. Navy's newest amphibious assault ship - the LHA-6. The work will be performed by the company's DRS Training & Control Systems unit in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. DRS will be responsible for both the design and production of the switchboards. Product deliveries are expected to begin immediately and continue through September 2009. "This award continues our position as a premier supplier of low-voltage load centers and distribution switchboards for the U.S. Navy's LHD/LHA amphibious assault ships," said Richard S. Danforth, president of the company's Command, Control & Communications Strategic Business Unit. "This contract strengthens the company's competitive position to supply similar switchboards for the U.S. Navy's future ships." The company's DRS Training & Control Systems unit has been working with Northrop Grumman for more than 20 years, providing development and manufacturing of various types of shipboard control system hardware, such as solid-state power controllers, interior communication panels and weapon control electronics for other various classes of U.S. Navy ships. The U.S. Navy's amphibious assault ships resemble small aircraft carriers and are designed to embark, land and support U.S. Marine Corps expeditionary forces. The LHA-6 ship is being designed to replace the current LHA-1 Tarawa class ships, as they near the end of their service life, and to ensure the "flagship" of a U.S. Marine Corps expeditionary unit is optimized for future aircraft, such as the MV-22 Osprey and the Joint Strike Fighter.

Source: DRS Technologies, Inc.
Date: Jan 23, 2007

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