Micro Nav supplements Flight refuelling

Flight Refuelling Ltd have contracted Micro Nav Ltd to supplement their software engineering capacity on their Air Traffic Control programmes. The experience of the Micro Nav staff in ATC, real-time software and operational interfaces is directly applicable to the tasks in Flight Refuelling’s commercial ATC projects. This new contract is an extension of the co-operation between the two companies that includes the use of BEST- the Micro Nav ATC simulator - by Flight Refuelling and the recent successful delivery of the Fighter Controller training system to the UK MoD. Micro Nav have a 16 year track record of supplying and supporting ATC radar and tower simulators for civil and military authorities world wide. BEST has been selected by many national bodies and is used in approved courses to train air traffic controllers at all levels and in all disciplines. Micro Nav also supply specialist consultancy and aviation-related software engineering services. For further information please contact:- Tom Howard-Jones

Source: Micro Nav
Date: Aug 6, 2004

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