Rafael Presents the Litening Airborne Navigation & Targeting Pod

At AEROINDIA 2007 RAFAEL will present the LITENING Airborne Day/Night Navigation & Targeting Pod that provides precision strike capability to every fighter aircraft. The Litening is a multi-spectral airborne targeting and navigation pod. It is designed for target illumination to improve day and night attack capabilities using LGB and GPS guided bombs. The Litening system presents pilots with real-time, Forward Looking Infra-Red (FLIR) and Charge Coupled Device (CCD) imagery. The high sensor resolution enables pilots to reliably identify the combat targets and consequently to avoid collateral damage. Over 700 Litening pods are operational in many air forces around the world; among them the Israeli Air Force on the F-16I and F-16C and the US, Australian and Hungarian Air Forces. The Litening has also been integrated on the German Tornado and is in the process of being integrated onto the Eurofighters.

Source: Rafael
Date: Jan 22, 2007

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