Elbit Systems Developed BCMS- An Advanced Border Control Managem ent System - For The Israeli Police

The system interfaces with all Israeli Government and Security Service agencies providing rapid identification, process and update of all crossing persons to all agencies (Haifa, Israel, December 26, 2006) -- Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: ESLT) developed BCMS - Border Control Management System for the Israeli Police. The innovative system interfaces with all government and security agencies in Israel, managing all entry and exit posts including: airports, sea ports and land crossings. HP and Sapiens collaborated with Elbit Systems on this project. A national project, the border control system (Named ROTEM by the Israeli Police) was financed by all government and security agencies in Israel. The system operates on three levels: Identification - the system assists the border controller to identifying the person standing before him. Control - the system taps all national data sources, presenting the border controller with various options for handling each case individually. Registration - the system updates all data bases with the actions taken at the control level. A highly advanced information system, BCMS is designed to answer the country's changing security and civilian needs, enabling a dynamic management of border control. The BCMS integrative border control and management system processes passengers and vehicles, at the various border points, thus providing a more hermetic borders' control while significantly decreasing the probability of an undesirable entrance and exit through these borders. BCMS is based on an integrated unique and sophisticated name matching engine - Soundex - improved and fitted specifically for this system by Professor Yaacov Choueka (Emeritus) of Computer Science (Bar Ilan University) a well known expert in Natural Languages Processing. The BCMS compares and matches names in all their spelling variants. The system updates by performing logical deductions, correlating between entry and exit event, checking the time elapsed between two transactions, besides of course checking the passport and I.D. numbers. Additionally, the system managers can update the system on-line with the complex ever-changing border traffic regulations regarding the different populations, without having to memorize them. The system allows custom dispersion of data in line with security requirements. BCMS system incorporates cutting edge IT and technological applications. The innovative architecture allows the performance of several complex actions in a relatively short response time while maintaining the strict information security measures, survivability and redundancy. The system is based on Elbit Systems Group's integrative and comprehensive abilities in IT systems specifically, and the combination of civilian and defense capabilities particularly. It adheres to other highly advanced data management systems developed by the Group including; the Digital Army Program and various information management systems for classified defense customers.

Source: Elbit Systems
Date: Dec 27, 2006

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