Rheinmetall to supply German Bundeswehr with new command and control system

(21 December 2006) -- German government has contracted with Rheinmetall Defence AG of Dusseldorf to supply major units of the Bundeswehr with a new state-of-the-art command control and information system. For Rheinmetall, the order represents volume of around EUR170 million. It also underscores the company's cutting edge role as a technological pacesetter in the process of modernizing our ground forces. The working group awarded with the contract, "FuInfoSys Heer", in which Rheinmetall holds a 50% stake, will progressively equip some 1,600 armoured and non-armoured vehicles with the new technology by 2011. ("FuInfoSys Heer" stands for "Army Command Control and Information System".) The programme is thus set to transform a wide array of German Army vehicles into mobile command and control elements. Apart from the procurement and integration of command and control equipment, the "FuInfoSys Heer" package encompasses a full range of logistics, documentation and training services. For the Bundeswehr, the system represents a major step in the direction of network centric warfare. In a global context, too, it sets new standards. The decision to introduce this system takes into account the expanded operational spectrum of our armed forces as well as the new imperatives of international crisis management. The new command and control system enables the networking of multiple vehicles taking part in a mission; it also links these vehicles to the tactical operations centre. This means that relevant mission and navigation data can be exchanged in near real time with higher echelon command elements as well as within the given formation. Whereas tactical communication was once limited to voice radio, the new system features a digital situation map function, for example, which enables units to monitor the unfolding situation in their area of operations on their computer displays. Combat and combat support vehicles such as the Wolf, Wiesel, Bv206 and various command post vehicles will be outfitted with state-of-the-art information and communications equipment specially ruggedized for battlefield conditions. In addition, the command post vehicles will be equipped with NBC protection, air conditioning components and power supply systems.

Source: Rheinmetall
Date: Dec 21, 2006

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