Austrian Airlines Founds Marketing Company for Technical Services to Third Airlines

Austrian Airlines Technik Marketing GmbH starts operations from beginning of 2007 (18.12.2006) -- The Austrian Airlines Group has founded an own distribution company to market its technical services, to be called 'Austrian Airlines Technik Marketing GmbH'. This independent positioning in the market for the technical maintenance of aircraft will allow the company to use a neutral market presence to take full advantage of market opportunities, and thereby create better access to potential customers. The 100% subsidiary of Austrian Airlines AG will market the services of Austrian Technical Services, which enjoys a strong position in the international maintenance sector worldwide due to its excellent reputation, wide service spectrum and expertise, to third airlines. Austrian's Chief Financial Officer Thomas Kleibl explains the move: 'Since airlines tend to prefer outsourcing their maintenance business to legally independent repair shops instead of having it done directly by competitor airlines, founding Austrian Airlines Technik Marketing GmbH will improve the provider position of Austrian Technical Services and its focus on third-party business, as well as opening up further opportunities for expansion and growth. As a result, Vienna's reputation as an international location for aviation technology will increase in value overall.'

Source: Austrian Airlines
Date: Dec 18, 2006

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