Rheinmetall to supply Bundeswehr with Wiesel 2 armoured field ambulances

(15 December 2006) -- Germany's Federal Agency for Defence Technology and Procurement (BWB) in Koblenz has contracted with Rheinmetall to supply the Bundeswehr with a second lot of Wiesel 13 tracked armoured vehicles configured as field ambulances. In a separate order, Rheinmetall will also be supplying the Bundeswehr with two Wiesel 2 training vehicles and two training models as well as accompanying logistical materiel for training German maintenance units. Together the two orders are worth around EUR9 million. Under the terms of the orders, delivery of the vehicles and training equipment is to be largely completed by the end of 2007. These orders ensure stable utilization of the company's Wiesel 2 production capacity in Unterlus and Kiel during the coming year. This brings the number of Wiesel 2 vehicles procured by the Bundeswehr to over 140. It also consolidates Rheinmetall's role as the Bundeswehr's leading supplier of lightweight tactical vehicles for out-of-area operations.

Source: Rheinmetall
Date: Dec 15, 2006

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