ViaSat Receives US$6M Award From Unete/Pacific Group for VSAT DVB-S2 Broadband Network

(CARLSBAD, Calif., Dec. 13) -- ViaSat Inc. (Nasdaq: VSAT) will supply its LinkStar(R) DVB-S2 satellite networking system to Unete Telecomunicaciones S.A. (Bolivia) to expand its enterprise broadband services in Ecuador and the surrounding region, and specifically, for its recently awarded Telecentros Comunitarios Ecuador contract, issued by the national entities CONAM and CONATEL. The contract, valued at approximately US$6 million, includes installation and integration of a satellite network hub in Guayaquil, Ecuador and 1,200 LinkStarS2 terminals. Deliveries of the hub, networking equipment and first shipment of broadband VSAT terminals are scheduled for this month, with deliveries continuing into the second half of calendar 2007. "Communication brings people closer together and increases opportunities and socio-economic development. Unete is committed to growing and extending its services to reach more and more people, in Bolivia, Ecuador, and other markets in the region. With this LinkStarS2 networking system, we believe we have the most technologically sophisticated satellite network in the region, offering voice, data, VPNs, and high-speed Internet services, using the bandwidth efficiencies that DVB-S2 offers," said Juan Ayoroa, Unete/Pacific Telecom Group president. "With Unete extending its broadband satellite services into Ecuador for the important Telecentros project, we are seeing yet another expansion of our broadband LinkStar DVB-S2 based platforms into new regions of Latin America," said Robert Feierbach, managing director Latin America and EMEA. "Unete's commitment to expanding communications in South America makes us very happy to welcome them as a new DVB-S2 satellite network provider." "LinkStarS2 VSATs incorporate the latest DVB-S2 waveform to offer bandwidth efficiency gains of up to 30%, substantially reducing network operating costs. ViaSat customers also get the benefit of one VSAT system that can support multiple network services," said Hugo Frega, ViaSat regional director for Latin America. "We wish our partner Unete/Pacific Telecom much success in this important project for Ecuador." With more than 140 hubs and 80,000 terminals installed worldwide, the success of the LinkStar VSAT system can be traced to its versatility. The system is cost-effective for a full spectrum of applications, from low speed, quick-turnaround retail transactions such as point-of-sale and lottery networks, to broadband multimedia applications such as Internet access, high-speed military or homeland security applications, enterprise networking, and distance learning. Operators get better service and more efficient use of satellite transponders from dynamic bandwidth allocation, which increases or decreases data rates on-the-fly. Service providers can also access dedicated network management tools and hub resources from a shared hub though the system's Virtual Network Operator (VNO) functions.

Source: ViaSat
Date: Dec 13, 2006

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