Rheinmetall wins approval for EUR200 million contract

Bundeswehr to buy new Boxer armoured transport vehicle (13 December 2006) -- Protection and mobility for troops deployed in harm's way Rheinmetall AG of Dusseldorf expects a major order worth EUR200 million for the state-of-the-art Boxer armoured transport vehicle. Following parliamentary approval today by the Budget Committee of the German Bundestag, award of the contract by the international armament agency OCCAR is now imminent. The Boxer armoured transport vehicle (also known as MRAV / Multi Role Armoured Vehicle) is an international procurement project of the German and Dutch armed forces. It is tailored to the altered mission profile of the modern military, providing excellent protection to troops deployed in harm's way. The order underscores Rheinmetall's leading role in Europe's army technology industry. Formal signing of the contract by representatives of the two nations is expected to take place on December 19, 2006. The responsible defence contractor is Artec GmbH of Munich, the lead company of the industrial consortium that will execute the order. The order encompasses 400 vehicles, 200 of which are earmarked for the German Bundeswehr. The Germans also have an option for a further 72 units configured as field ambulances. As part of the German side of the consortium, Rheinmetall is responsible for building 65 Boxer command vehicles, an order worth roughly EUR155 million. With regard to the optional field ambulances, Rheinmetall is slated to produce 20 units; this equates to an additional sales volume of EUR50 million in 2007. An initial logistics package will be supplied for both variants of the vehicle. Apart from these systems, the company expects to generate additional sales by supplying Boxer assemblies to other members of the consortium. The Boxer armoured transport vehicle is a pioneering, highly mobile 8x8 wheeled vehicle whose modular design enables a whole host of mission-specific variants. Apart from transporting troops and serving as a field ambulance, the Boxer can be used for carrying supplies as well as in a combat engineering or tactical communications role. The Boxer is set to replace various vehicles in the Bundeswehr inventory, including the aging M113 armoured personnel carrier. Airportable, powerful and robust, the Boxer is destined to play a key role in modernizing our ground forces, enabling them to take on new operational challenges. The Boxer's chief characteristics: an all-encompassing level of protection against antitank mines and medium-calibre fire never before attained in a vehicle in this class; outstanding tactical and operational mobility; as well as a substantial useful load carrying capacity, making it suitable for a wide variety of missions. Weighing in at 32 tons, a fully equipped Boxer can carry a useful load of up to seven tons. A joint effort by two nations, the Boxer project symbolizes intensified cooperation in the field of defence technology in Germany and Europe, with a positive impact on costs, effectiveness and efficiency during the realization of this project.

Source: Rheinmetall
Date: Dec 13, 2006

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