Elbit Systems' Combined Arms Tactical Battle Group Trainer is Fully Operational

TBT, already in action with the IDF Ground Forces Command, offers high fidelity tactical training for company, battalion and combined arms battle groups Elbit Systems' TBT is a revolutionary, reconfigurable tactical trainer which enables performing operational exercises and mission rehearsal from Company to Battalion levels. Trainees face dynamic enemy forces on simulated geo-specific operational terrain including urban scenarios and employing actual Command & Control and Battle Management Systems (BMS). The cost-effective system incorporates highly realistic 3D visualization, high fidelity platforms, sensors, and weapon systems simulation models, integral C4I-simulation interface, tactical radio simulation and comprehensive exercise management and debrief modules, all used in COTS PCs and standard communications technologies, and fully DIS compatible. The comprehensive, distributed training solution encompasses all echelons, from individual crew members through Company Commanders, with specifically designed stations for the Battalion Commander and staff. By interfacing the operational virtual environment with the Commander's battle management and C4I systems, the TBT enables forces to sharpen basic-to advanced skills, tactical battle doctrines, decision making, situational awareness and leadership in the battlefield. Using the TBT's extensive debriefing tools Commanders can review operations from their own 3D view or the enemy's point of view, in the simulated arena and in the C4I arena, along with high fidelity automatic events, reports and other debriefing tools. The TBT installation in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) represents a significant breakthrough in tactical training using Elbit Systems' "BEST" (Battlefield Enhanced Smart Tactical Training), a dynamic scenario generator used as the central training and distributed simulation infrastructure of the Ground Forces Command. In the era of advanced Command, Control and Communications, BEST and TBT are laying the groundwork for additional large-scale training solutions which are currently on the IDF's roadmap. TBT's flexible architecture enables reconfiguring the trainee stations to realistically simulate any fighting platform including dismounted soldiers fighting in Low Intensity Conflict urban scenarios. The simulation - C4I integration infrastructure is generic and enables easy interface with any C4I system.TBT's flexible and generic infrastructure and its unique training and debriefing tools based on COTS hardware, provide in-depth training and improves required skills at costs far less than training on actual platforms. Since December 2005, TBT has been operational with the IDF, where it is used for training reserve and operational units and is part of the IDF's senior command curriculum. Many of the TBT trainees are very experienced combat officers and their feedback is excellent. The dividends of TBT are numerous. In addition to increased readiness, it brings the benefits of lifelike simulation, high-quality training, optimal time allocation and enables fighters to learn risk-free, how to optimally command, control, manage and survive their missions. The modular TBT suits any combat team and features user-friendly operation panels adaptable to the full range of types of platforms and sensors. The system's flexibility and compatibility with diverse arenas and missions is essential when armies face ongoing, long-term operational challenges, and, at the same time, budget and time constraints. TBT enables collective training and elevates situational awareness by allowing commanders to "sense" operational arenas and "make sense" out of their operational plans. Elbit Systems Training and Simulation Department is major supplier to the IDF. In addition to the TBT, Elbit Systems has provided the IDF with ATCT (Appended Tank Crew Trainer) for Crew and Platoon levels, the SPIKE ATM simulator, the F-16A (Block 15) and F-16I (Block 52) Full Mission Simulators, and the Land Forces and Air Forces CGF distributed simulation infrastructure based on Elbit's BEST (Battlefield Enhanced Smart Tactical Training).

Source: Elbit
Date: Dec 5, 2006

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