World premiere of the new Night Training System AVIOR NTS

(4 December 2006) -- With AVIOR NTS, Rheinmetall Defence Electronics has created an entirely new complete vision system for extremely realistic night vision training that offers numerous advantages for pilot instruction. AVIOR NTS provides a perfect visualisation of typical night-vision effects, like blooming and halo, so that they recreate the effect characteristics in the real world. In this way, the pilot can train with a large number of effects and use his own original night vision goggles. The complete vision system AVIOR NTS consists of the in-service component of the AVIOR laser family - the new development AVIOR VisIR - together with a highly sophisticated and trailblazing PC-based image generator including database system and a touchpad-based Instructor Operator Station (IOS). By means of AVIOR VisIR and the associated superposition of OTW (out-the-window) and IR pictures, an image is stimulated in the night view (NV) goggles to portray all the typical NV effects and hence give the pilot an extremely authentic visual impression. The PC-based image generator and the database system provide the firm foundation for the terrain to be projected. By using satellite imagery, large sections of terrain can be generated automatically in databases with great precision of detail. Thanks to the clearly designed IOS, the instructor is given the capability for realtime feeding of scenarios that are currently relevant to the pilots. Changes to the light levels, terrain data, light effects etc. can all be activated in AVIOR NTS practically at the touch of a button. What is more, the modular structure of AVIOR VisIR allows its integration as an individual simulation component in existing system landscapes. Laser light as a transmission medium Already in service, the AVIOR systems, which use electrically generated and controlled pure laser light as a medium for transmitting each pixel and line directly to the screen, represent a whole new dimension in projection technology. As pure digital systems providing excellent image quality, lasers produce practically no wear and tear, and have thus been employed with great success in numerous highly advanced applications. The laser technology offers unlimited depth sharpness, a multiplicity of colours, absolute colour stability and constant colour convergence. Because the light generation and projection functions are separate, the positioning elements of the simulator only have to move the compact, lightweight projection head.

Source: Rheinmetall
Date: Dec 5, 2006

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