DRS Receives Contract to Develop High-Speed Electric Generator for the USN

(PARSIPPANY, N.J.) -- DRS Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: DRS) announced today that it has received $6 million in funding to develop a High-Speed Permanent Magnet Electric Generator prototype for the U.S. Navy, bringing the total value of the generator contract to approximately $12 million. The resulting prototype will be scalable in power output and applicable to multiple platforms for the support of main and auxiliary power generation. Generators based on this technology to be developed in the future by DRS will be targeted for U.S. Navy multi-mission surface combatants, submarines and advanced Naval propulsion system applications. The contract was awarded to DRS by the Office of Naval Research in Arlington, Virginia. For this award, DRS will design, manufacture and test a 7,000 rpm 10.6 mega watt Permanent Magnet Generator, scalable to 25 mega watts. Work for this award will be accomplished by the company's DRS Power Technology unit, located in Fitchburg and Hudson, Massachusetts. Upon completion, the generator will be delivered to the Navy's land-based test site in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. "This new funding supports DRS's reputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance, lightweight, permanent magnet electric motors and generators for Naval applications," said Roger N. Sexauer, president of the company's Power Systems business. "This program will substantially extend the state of the art in permanent magnet generator performance, while identifying other potential technologies to be developed and applied to further enhance the system." The goal of the program is to achieve at least a three-time reduction in the size and weight of current generators. The scalability of this design will support main and auxiliary power generation and other applications that require high power density. Under independently awarded contracts from U.S. Navy prime ship yards, DRS is providing electrical plant equipment design and production activity for the CVN-78 carrier program, the Littoral Combat Ship and the Navy's new next-generation DDG-1000 destroyer programs. The company's unique capability also will support planned U.S. Navy growth initiatives, including future Integrated Propulsion System (IPS) commonality initiatives planned for future surface combatants, submarines, auxiliary ships and carriers. DRS currently is acting as a strategic partner with the U.S. shipbuilding industry for next-generation low- and medium-voltage integrated power systems. From power generation and distribution to power conversion and prime mover propulsors, DRS has significant activity in every major U.S. Navy ship design currently underway and continues to be a leading force in shaping the critical technology refresh of the existing fleet.

Source: DRS Technologies, Inc.
Date: Nov 28, 2006

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