Aerosimulators announces FAA approval for low-cost helicopter flight training device

(Titusville, Florida USA, Antwerp, Belgium) -- Aerosimulators is pleased to announce FAA approval of its AS-PHS-B206 - the first low-cost helicopter flight training device to meet both JAA Flight Navigation and Procedures Trainer and FAA Flight Training Device requirements as an AATD. Working closely with its customer Helicopter Adventures in Titusville and the FAA evaluation was completed on November 1, 2006. Mr. Mike Coligny, CEO of Aerosimulators USA praised the professionalism of not only the FAA but HAI as well. "The intelligent application of state of the art technology is the hallmark of Aerosimulators. Its implementation at HAI will result in more knowledgeable pilots with higher skill levels that will continue to support them for their entire aviation career." Under FAR part 141, pilots have logged up to as much as 27 hours out of 35 hours of credit to train for an instrument rating and 20 hours of credit against 40 hours under part 61. Further, pilots may maintain their IFR proficiency in the simulator. Standard features of the device include the largest visual at this level of simulation (175"Xx 75"X) on the market, turbine start up, Garmin 530 GPS and the Optical Crew Resource Analyzer (OCRA) available only in Aerosimulator?s devices.

Source: Aerosimulators
Date: Nov 13, 2006

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