Battle Control System operational in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada

(FULLERTON, Calif., November 1, 2006) -- The U.S. Air Force Battle Control System (BCS)program was recently declared operational in Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. Two other BCS sites, New York and Washington state are partially operational and expected to be totally operational early next year. BCS is a next-generation air sovereignty command and control system operated by NORAD (North American Air Defense Command), U.S. Northern Command and Pacific Command. The BCS mission 'controls the skies' over the continental U.S., Alaska, Hawaii and Canada, serving as the early warning mechanism in the vital U.S. homeland defense mission. Alaska, Hawaii and Canada are the first of five BCS sites to declare an operational capability. As prime contractor, ThalesRaytheonSystems is providing advanced technology that features increased sensor capacity while improving interoperability among hundreds of legacy sensors, including more types of radars than any other Air Force system. The system correlates and fuses data from airborne, ground and naval and civil air traffic sensors into an integrated air picture that allows commanders to monitor the airspace above, beyond and within the U.S. and Canadian borders. "The Battle Control System plays a vital role in the defense of the U.S. and Canada," said Kim Kerry, chief executive officer, ThalesRaytheonSystems, U.S. Operations. "ThalesRaytheonSystems is committed to working closely with our U.S. and Canadian Air Force customers to keep BCS on the leading edge of technology and to maintain a record of executing this program within budget."

Source: ThalesRaytheonSystems
Date: Nov 2, 2006