SYS Technologies Awarded $1.0M Development Contract

Adds NORAD and USNORTHCOM as Key New Customers (SAN DIEGO, November 2, 2006) -- SYS Technologies (AMEX:SYS), a leading provider of information connectivity solutions that enable real-time, complex decision-making, announced today that its Defense Solutions Group has made a significant and strategically key addition to its customer base with the award of a $1.0 million, one-year task order to provide software engineering services for the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and the U.S. Northern Command (USNORTHCOM). Cliff Cooke, President and CEO of SYS, said, "This contract award is significant in that we were able to leverage the development expertise obtained in our acquisition of Polexis with our first responder situational awareness and decision support capabilities. This program addresses our customer's requirement to rapidly analyze an incident; assess the situation; and plan, coordinate, and implement an effective response to a threat, attack, or natural disaster. NORAD and USNORTHCOM represent important new customers for us, and we are pleased with the trust and confidence they have shown in SYS with this award." The purpose of this task is to design, develop, and integrate a web-based, net-centric information processing and sharing system for enhanced situational awareness. The web-enabled solution will provide a geospatial information system infrastructure that will allow for seamless sharing of tactical, operational, and strategic data by and between DoD and Non-DoD mission partners on the NORAD/USNORTHCOM network.

Source: SYS Technologies
Date: Nov 2, 2006

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